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TOTS Magazine 

TOTS Magazine Cover

TOTS Magazine Cover

TOTS, which centers around a single ingredient each issue (the first being potatoes!), was created out of love for exploring and learning about some of my favourite foods. 

Creating this magazine means so much to me because it allowed me to create this tool for educating children and families about foods they love. Inviting them into the kitchen to foster a shared learning experience for everyone.

Facts Spread

Facts Spread About Potatoes

Papa Rellenas
Potato Stamp Activity Page

Potato Stamps DIY Page

Farming in Canada Spread

Potato Farming in Canada

Batata Bhaji
Grow Potatoes and Word Search Spread

Grow Potatoes at Home Activity

Potato Migration Spread

Potato Migration Around the World

Potatoes Around the World Spread
Olive Oil

Potato Recipes Around the World

Gnocchi Recipe Spread

Gnocchi Recipe

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